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Flip The Funnel

by Joseph Jaffe



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Chapter 04:  


Jet Blue Bill of Rights  
Chapter 06:  


Charmin JJTV (Download PDF 455kb)  
Chapter 08:  
  Tim McIntyre's response to Domino's  




Dustin Curtis - Dear American Airlines  
Chapter 09:  


An Open, Social Approach  
Chapter 10:  
  Pete Blackshaw Conversation  
  United Breaks Guitars / Dave Carrol Conversation  
  Delta Skelter  
  New Rules  
  Steinway Registration Process  
Chapter 11:  
  Frank Eliason Interview/Conversation  
  Ben Popken/Consumerist.com Interview  
Chapter 12:    
  Snowangel Target  
  Adweek article - avoiding the conversation  
Chapter 14:    
  Adweek article - death of website  
Chapter 15:    


American Express JJTV Episode  
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Monitoring Customer Conversations  
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