Retention as the New Acquisition

Flip The Funnel is all about recognizing and rewarding the influence, contribution and participation of existing customers as they help evangelize and refer new business. In other words, growing the business (in this case book sales) from the inside-out. In the same spirit, I’m reaching out to my reader community to use the very same principles in order to bring new readers into the franchise. It’s a simple spin on bulk sales meets experiential and here’s how it works: simply produce the receipts to prove that you purchase a certain number of copies of “Flip the Funnel” and I’ll respond in kind with some kind of experiential expression of my thanks. Send your receipts to

Here are the tiers of book purchases:

75BooksGets You 1 x 30 minute telephone or VoIP Q&A about the book
250BooksGets You 1 x 1 hour in-person meeting (excl. expenses) which can be Q&A book related or can be used for a general brainstorm
500BooksGets You 1 x 1 hour webinar presentation with a 30 minute Q&A afterwards
1,000BooksGets You 1 x in person keynote presentation (national) excl. expenses
1,500BooksGets You 1 x in person keynote presentation (international) excl. expenses