Join The Conversation by Joseph Jaffe
Join the Conversation

With the continued fragmentation of the media and proliferation of media options, the balance of power has shifted from the marketer to the individual. In Join the Conversation, Jaffe discusses the changing role of the consumer and how marketers must adapt by joining the rich, deep and meaningful conversation already in progress. This book reveals what marketers must do to become a welcome and invited part of the dialogue, and how to leverage and integrate the resulting partnership in ways that provide win-win situations for businesses, brands and lives.

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Life After the 30-Second Spot

“…challenges proven thinking in a very digestible form” (Brand Strategy, 5th December 2005)

“…an excellent read, witty and enlightening. A must read, particularly for clients and those in the creative community.” (Media Week, 20th September 2005)

“…a bold mix of alternatives to traditional advertising and a set of new, revolutionary concepts that advertisers and marketers can follow for years to come.” (Customer Relationship Management, 1st September 2005)

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