"Zappos is devoted to delivering happiness through great customer service. In Flip the Funnel, Jaffe outlines a way to authentically build companies by making the most of the dedication and loyalty of their employees and customers."- Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos.com
"Flip The Funnel is a book you must read. It's the perfect business book for these times. It will make you think, reassess, and act in new and better ways—profitable ways. It's real, it's realistic, and it's reality."- Jeffrey Gitomer, author of The Little Red Book of Selling
"This book will make you think. Really hard. And if you're lucky, take action."- Seth Godin, author of Tribes
"From here on out, your relationship with your customer will be your only major differentiator. Mr. Jaffe shows you how to create those relationships in ways never before possible, thanks to emerging new technologies and his clever new ways to use them."- Bob Greenberg, Vice President, Brand Marketing Group, Panasonic Corporation of North America
"It is evident in today's increasingly digital and ever-changing world that conventional thinking will lead to conventional results. Joseph strikes an important message for all industries that we must continue to challenge the status quo and rethink everything as it relates to our business, our brands, and, most importantly, our customers."- Michael Mendenhall, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, HP

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