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Steinway Registration Process

Steinway registration process

At the beginning of the 20th Century, the piano industry was one of the most popular and fastest growing in the United States; there were literally hundreds of piano manufacturers worldwide. Today there are but a handful, one of which is the very recognizable and popular Steinway company. Here’s a little blurb from their website[1]:

The purchase of a Steinway-designed piano is an investment in music and an artistic musical instrument that requires general care and maintenance to ensure that it will perform to its designed specifications. To protect this valuable instrument it is important to ensure that you and your sales representative have completed, during the purchasing process, the owner’s registration card that is attached to the piano. If this has not been done, please contact your Steinway representative so that they can register you and your piano with the factory and facilitate your Owner’s/Warranty Certificate. If you are unsure whether your piano has been registered you can simply contact your local Steinway dealer representative or call Steinway & Sons factory at 718-721-2600 and ask for the owner’s registration department. A customer service representative will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. Be sure to have your piano serial number available. The serial number can be found on the cast iron plate when you open the front top of the lid on a grand piano or the lid top on a vertical piano.


When Steinway & Sons receives your owner registration information from your Steinway representative for any of our Steinway-designed pianos you can expect the following:

Your piano and owner’s information is now registered in our Serial Number data log files. This speeds the process to take care of any issues that might arise during your warranty period.

After you and your piano are registered in our Serial Number database, your hard-copy owner/warranty document including a welcome letter will be sent to you via mail. This ensures documentation of your piano with Steinway & Sons.

When you purchase a Boston or Essex piano, a package is included with the instrument that contains the owner registration card and the following piano maintenance material:

  • Key Cover Cloth (to protect your piano’s keys from dust and dirt when not being played)
  • Piano Cleaning Cloth
  • “Welcome to the Family” Brochure and Maintenance Procedures
  • A Set of Three Caster Cups to Be Placed under Each Piano Leg

After your owner’s registration has been submitted to either the Boston or Essex Piano Company you will receive via mail your warranty certificate under your name, a “Welcome to Our Family” letter, and our owner’s survey form with a postage-paid return address.

You will also receive under separate cover either the Boston or Essex newsletter highlighting special events and stores

When you purchase a Steinway piano and after the factory receives your owner registration you can expect to receive your owner’s warranty, a letter from the president, our “Welcome to the Family” maintenance / service booklet, and a survey form with a postage-paid return envelope.

All Steinway, Boston and Essex owners will also receive under separate cover the highly acclaimed Steinway Magazine which is sent only to Steinway, Boston and Essex piano owners. In this magazine you will see featured articles about Steinway & Sons and other music and music-related themes. A sample cover is shown below.

We at Steinway & Sons and your Steinway representative want to ensure that your piano provides you with years of joy and pleasure. We stand ready to assist should you have any questions or concerns.

Do you think it’s a coincidence that Steinway is still in business today? This commitment to service is an obvious badge of pride; it shows both strength and conviction in a superior product. It’s also the kind of infectious passion that is hard to contain. Idealism aside, here are some practical questions for you:

  • How many pianos do you think the average customer purchases in their lifetime?
  • If & when a second piano is purchased for the home, what are the odds that both are Steinways?
  • How loyal do you believe Steinway customers are?
  • How many purchases from Steinway come through recommendations or referrals from existing customers?

Loyalty is not luck, nor is it a coincidence. Loyalty is the result of careful planning, long term commitment, complete follow-through and genuine empathy. And that should be music to your ears!


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